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Haining City is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, with an inland area of 699.92 square kilometers. It is adjacent to Haiyan County in the East, Qiantang River in the south, Tongxiang City and Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City in the north.

It is 125 kilometers east of Shanghai. Shanghai Hangzhou railway, 101 provincial highway, Hangzhou Shanghai double track run across the market from east to west, Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway and 320 national highway run across the north, and Hangzhou ring road runs through the West from the East. Cities, towns and villages form a modern transportation network. 96.8% of villages have urban and rural public transportation.

There are two water systems in Shangtang River and canal. Located in the North Bank of Tangjiang River Estuary, the seawall in the territory is 53.6km long (excluding the seawall in the reclamation area), "Haining tide" is a world-famous natural landscape, and the river near dajianshan in huangwan town is the starting point of "Haining tide"

Haining is a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River, which breeds a large number of masters such as Wang Guowei, Xu Zhimo and Jin Yong. It is also an economic city famous at home and abroad for its "China's leather capital", "China's textile industry base city (county)," China's famous economic city ". Haining ranked 23rd in the national top 100 counties released by the National Bureau of statistics in 2006. In 2006, the city's GDP reached 25.566 billion yuan, with a per capita GDP of nearly 5000 US dollars; its total fiscal revenue was 2.861 billion yuan, including 1.347 billion yuan from local governments. The construction of advanced manufacturing bases has been promoted in an all-round way.

The construction of tourism and leisure shopping base is speeding up. Yanguan tide watching scenic spot and Haining China Leather City are rated as national 4A tourist attractions, and the brand of "tide shopping and leisure tour" has been gradually launched. The construction of urban agricultural production bases has achieved actual results, and the comprehensive agricultural production capacity has increased significantly. In 2006, the city's total agricultural output value reached 2.166 billion yuan, and leisure and sightseeing agriculture gradually rose. Haining huangwan Jianshan sightseeing orchard and Chang'an flower park were rated as "the first batch of rural tourist attractions (spots)" in Jiaxing City. Environment will promote the continuous development of Fusheng company!